About Duncan

For the past eight years, Duncan (he/his) has served as a Director at the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) where he led the organization’s work in community development, community engagement, and advocacy. Some highlights include leading the development of the Orchards of 82nd, a mixed use affordable housing development at SE 82nd and Division, planning the first Jade International Night Market, and responding to community crisis resulting from the pandemic including in public health, rise in hate and bias incidents, and in the economic recovery.

Why I am Running

I’ve spent much of the last decade successfully bringing tangible improvements like affordable housing and crosswalks to my community by working with local, regional and state governments. These experiences have taught me much about the importance of Metro as a regional convener, as a resource for emerging communities, and as an agency addressing complex problems. I currently serve as Metro Councilor for District 6 since my appointment in January, and I'm seeking election this May.

“Duncan is hard-working, visionary, and a true public servant. I’ve watched him work behind the scenes for years to advance affordable housing and transportation justice. Duncan's leadership helped turn an abandoned furniture store on the corner of 82nd Ave into a community center with 48 units of affordable housing on top. In this time, we need leaders who can turn community visions into actual projects on the ground, using all the tools in our local government toolbox. District 6 needs an experienced leader like Duncan to address the critical needs of our region.”

Khanh Pham


"The role of regional decision makers in shaping our future is as important as ever. Duncan has a grounding in community and proven leadership skills that are needed to steward a future that's just, equitable and with opportunities for all"

Vivian Satterfield

Environmental Justice Advocate, Community Leader

"I am proud to endorse Duncan Hwang in his run to be the Metro Councilor for District 6. Duncan and I worked together in a broad coalition to obtain $185 million to bring 82nd Ave up to standard. I look forward to working with him on Metro Council to address the many issues facing our region."

Ashton Simpson

Pedestrian Advocate & Candidate for Metro District 1

"Representation matters. I was grateful to work with Duncan to help secure funding for 82nd Ave and know that leaders coming from community bring an invaluable perspective . As transportation commissioner, we need voices like Duncan at Metro to help the region prepare for the land use and transportation opportunities ahead."

Jo Ann Hardesty

Portland Commissioner

Duncan has been a tireless champion for his community, successfully working to uplift emerging voices by working with local and regional governments for tangible housing and transportation victories in the Jade District and beyond. I am confident Duncan will make an exceptional Metro Councilor and I'm eager to endorse his candidacy.

Jessica Vega Pederson

Multnomah County Commissioner

“This past year I’ve observed Duncan step up to support his community and put together programs for rental assistance, vaccine events, and food security. Our region urgently needs leadership deeply connected to our frontline communities who will uplift their voices and make sure government works for all of us. I’m proud to endorse Duncan for Metro Council.

Carmen Rubio

Portland Commissioner